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What does one need to do to in order to become CCIE?

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Hard-work and dedication are short answers. Longer answers includes understanding that CCIE certification is no easy task. Vast majority of candidates do not pass the exam on their first attempt and those who are prone to giving up easily never achieve this prestigious certification. CCIE candidates must be prepared for at least 6-9 months of long days and even ...... Read more http://tnscomputercentre.com/


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1. There are no prerequisites to obtaining a CCIE - not even training for that matter... Nope!


2. Go back and read 1.




We are past that myth now...


Let's move on...


The quickest path to obtaining a certification, any certification, is to concentrate on just that certification and little if anything else. Get obsessive. start with "compulsive... first, then get obsessive.


Got it yet?




1. Gotta know how to get in and out of equipment and gear so get some... virtual, real, simulators - I don't really care but get something and get it fast.


2. Once you got your gear, fire it up... and then use it. Every day and every chance you get. Make a lot of mistakes and then make some more... A CCIE is a person who has made a lot of mistakes already and is so tired of making the same mistakes they have eventually become the kind of things that one can't make mistakes on any more... Go ahead and get started...


3. You gotta know subnetting for IPv4, IPv6, and yep... Hex... Get to it. Do what must be done and this is one that has to be done.


4. Start learning concepts - Spanning-Tree, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, RIP, Frame, Multicast, MPLS, etc. Get a book, video, some friend who is a bit of a geek and has no life... etc. Get it and get smarter asap.


5. Get some labs... Try them... You gotta spend about 8 hours tied down to a PC for the lab... It's a challenge all by itself so go ahead and get started becoming accustomed to becoming a very very true GEEK.


6. Save some money for the lab, transportation, hotels, and the booze you are probably going to imbibe whilst you pull out your hair waiting to see if you passed the lab or not on your like... 1st, 2nd, 3rd... or dare I say more attempts...


If you don't drink... you probably will...


If you have hair... you probably won't...


If you can still sleep for 8 hours... you are not ready yet...


If you have a life... you probably aren't a CCIE...


Just saying...



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