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adding a second exchange server 2003 to a domain

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hi Guys

my enviroment is the follwing :


1- Domain controller - windows server 2003

2- backup domain controller- windows server 2003

3- exchange server- windows server 2003

4- some other servers



I have backed up my exchange server via BTbackup utility and I want to simulate a senario incase my exchange server fails , I want to make another " VM " with windows server 2003 and install exchange server 2003 , and give it the same name and IP as the main exchange server . then turn off the main exchange server " temporarily " and restore my back to the new " vm exchange server " to verify the back up . if everything went OK , i want to turn off the new VM and continue using the original exchange server


but I'm afraid that making a new exchange server with the same name and IP and connecting it to the domain controller would miss my original exchnage .

is there any tips for me guys ?



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