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IPS on a stick design

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Trying to work out a way using "Firewall" and "IPS" on a stick type configs.

My diagram: http://i.imgur.com/jJI7UcP.png

Theres a lot of unnecessary information missing but thats pretty much what I'm trying to do.

So in the diagram:

- Red lines are physical links (as in there will be 20 x Gigabit Ethernet connections from a WS-48 to each server or workstation... etc)

- Blue lines are trunks

- and the green line is a single phyiscal link to the router

I'm trying to figure out a way to get both Firewall and IPS inline between each of the VLANs on the core switch, I don't think its possible though without going through either the firewall or the IPS twice.

An example, when a host on Server VLAN connects to a host on the Workstation VLAN, it goes through both the firewall and the IPS. When a host on the workstation VLAN connects to a host on the internetit goes through both firewall and IPS...

Any ideas?

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