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TFS, VSS, SQL connections getting lost after connecting VPN

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When i am connecting to my client vpn.....applications like TFS, VSS, SQL and visual studio .net are losing their connectivity and asking for authentication again.. i wont be able to connect any of them until i disconnect vpn. can any one let me know the solution for this problem please.


here are the sofware list which i am using.


domain controller - win 2008 R2

user machine - win 7 professional

sql installed in user desk - sql 2008 r2

visual studio 2010

TFS 2008

VSS 2005



... please respond with a solution.




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this maybe has something to do with how VPN is set up and whether or not it is using your default gateway or theirs.


so u connect to apps over the Internet, then connect VPN , and those established connections are dropped?

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the apps which i am connecting (TFS, VSS, Visual studio are all intranet) nothing to do wiht internet. local authentication is missing when iconnect to VPN.


our VPN is also configred with PPTP settings with option encryption. we have unchecked the "use remote network gateway" option in vpn settings.

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