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CCNA vs CCDA for network consultants

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For those of you with an eye on consulting do you find that the CCNA is sufficient to deploy network designs for people, or do you think that the CCDA is a more useful certification for learning that part of consulting. I mean the part I speak of is network deployment, where you go to a business with no network and present them with an plan and initial design of there network.

Feel free to deep dive on this topic...

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CCDA over ccna but CCDP is better. those jobs are usually filled by CCDE or CCIE; there is no business without network already in place; there are migration to new systems, improvements, etc.

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Interesting question...


The fact is that CCNA's are more common than the CCDA. No doubt. A CCDA requires a more comprehensive design point of view and some planning too.




I tend to think of the CCNA as a professional who can configure a network with about 500+ nodes or so. I've seen quite a few CCNA folks who probably fall short of this ideal CCNA visage. It happens.


The CCDA when used correctly is a very valuable tool. Partners require it. So it now has a dollar value when added to the CCNA or CCNP for that matter.


The CCDP is naturally more valuable - however, I have to say that I have known many CCDA's in the working world and they have almost every single time been wholely and refreshingly professional. In fact, I've yet to meet a CCDA professionally who did not measure up. It's true.


I recommend the CCDA as a hearty and valuable addition to the CCNA. Due to what it entails in the form of knowledge, I usually recommend it AFTER the CCNP has been obtained. IMHO.


Ok - There you have it.


Darby Weaver

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