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Need info on CCIE Routing switching

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Hi there,

I have recently passed my CCIE Voice Lab and now interested in pursuing CCIE Routing switching before June, 2014 so I can do version 4. I have done CCNP, CCVP and worked in production environments so hoping can finish it before version 5 is up & running across all locations. I have a few questions and will really appreciate if someone can answer.


1. Whose the best ? INE vs IP Expert or CBT Nuggets ... Is the CBT nugget based on version 4 ?

For my voice track, I followed IP Expert (Vikram Malhi) and found his approach much better (he'd do from the scratch and do/explain config step by step) as compared to Mark Snow INE (who is full of knowledge no doubt but just had to be really patient with his very long videos in which he's making tons of mistakes and rectifying rather than a from-the-scratch build) ....


2. Is GNS3 running on a PC with 8GB RAM good to run the labs ? or do I need more ?


3. Who has the best demo labs ? I heard about this vendor CCIE Cert ... When I talk about demo labs, I mean that the IP addressing, questions, topology are exactly the same as in Exam ... I know for Voice, there is a vendor Cisco Voice Labs but don't know for CCIE RS ?


4. What's the most popular forum on Web where people post questions regularly from time to time and get answered ?


Thanks all,

will appreciate your kind input.



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Nothing bad to say about Mark Snow.


I have seen Vik Mahli's materials and I am also fond of his style. Vik is just hard to beat.


Both Vendors INE and IPE are excellent and have many many success stories.




Darby Weaver

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INE is good for advance users and needs straight forward logical explanation. But I prefer Narbik workbooks for practice labs (narbik ccie r&s advance wb) because scenarios are more well explained and I do not fall asleep smile.png CBT nuggets are good for basic foundation explanations.


By the way, have you booked your exam? If you ran out of seats, check this announcement from cisco if you believe cisco needs to open more seats for v4 lab exam: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/message/367715#367715

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