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Darby Weaver

CCIE Lab 2015 - by Darby Weaver

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I'm back at this thing again after I was just going to kind of maybe let it go...




I spent a little time getting away from it all. Coming back around full circle and am now back at it hard and heavy.


I've been active building out Data Centers all over this little planet from the comfort of my own home.


I bought an almost state of the art setup and am now going 90 to nothing to get back up to speed 100% with my very own CCIE, once and for all.


Here's what I've done so far:


1. Completed Chris Bryant's CCNA Course over on Udemy.com


2. Spent a couple of days working out a CCNA Lab from INE.com for their 4-Day CCNA Practical Boot Camp.


3. Currently working my way through Chris Bryant's CCNP Course over on Udemy.com (I'm almost 1/3 of the way through it as of tonight's work).


4. I'm working my way though some IOUL2 Labs from the Cisco Learning Network.


5. I started working on the Cisco Expert Level v4 to v5 Labs and found "The Mentor" tool to be very sorely in need of attention and work... A lot of work.


6. I'm scheduled for INE's CCNP Bootcamp, CCIE Bootcamp, and CCIE TS Bootcamp - all delivered online.


7. I'm considering heading over to Narbik's Cisco 360 Bootcamp in Herndon in October.


8. I've got 150 hours of CCIE Expert Level Workbooks on IOUL2 to complete.


9. I've got 100 hours of the CCIE Lab Builder to work with - I was given a voucher to try it out.


10. I've got over 1,000,000 minutes on the Cisco Learning Network for CCNA/CCNP/MPLS Labs to work out mostly everything.


11. I have at least 1000 tokens to work on INE Labs.


12. If all else fails, I have Packet Tracer, many racks of physical equipment up to 2901/2911/2921 and a small mountain of 3825's/1841's/2811's etc to work with, GNS3, and who knows what else.. I've probably got it.


13. I do have to re-sit the CCIE RS Written.


14. I have plans to sit the entire battery of Cisco 360 Graded Labs and use my INE Tokens for even more graded labs to work on to check my own readiness after my review of everything up to the CCIE RS Level courseware.




That's where I am at the moment and as you can see I've got my work cut out for me.




Darby Weaver



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