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restricting application in win 7 in a workgroup

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hello everyone in my organization we dont have domain we have workgoup and its on windows 7

they have asked me to restrict users to open certain application and disable USB and cd rom

i tried to do it with gpedit.msc by following these steps

gpedit.msc >computer configuration >security setings >application control >applock under app lock

clicked on executable rule then right click and select new rule > permission deny > file hash > and the selected notepad.exe

one more things i choosed the user name i created and applied on it.

but the notepad gets denied on every user i have even administrator.

same thing happens when i disable USB and cd rom.

is there any way to deny access of the application on a user level and the application or USB/CDROM prompt for the administrator password to use that application or USB/CDROM

please HELP its very urgent.
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