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DHCP Exclude range not working

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We have enabled the dhcp in Router and given the DHCP exclude range from X.X.7.1 to X.X.7.100 but it is not getting applied in the network. all the hostes are getting the IP from exclude range only.


network is having 2 VRF link's both are terminated in layer two switch and it is extended to router interface and again from router to Switch for LAN


the below two vrf

vrf sales and vrf business.


here vrf sales lan pool IP subnet is changed from X.X.5.0 to X.X.7.0


Please find the below dhcp pool config



ip dhcp use vrf connected

ip dhcp excluded-address X.X.7.1 to X.X.7.100


IP dhcp pool sales

vrf sales

network X.X.7.0

dns-server X.X.X.X

default-router X.X.7.1

lease 2


Kindly any one please help me to resolve the DHCP Exclude range.



Veeraragavan B

Edited by Veeraragavan

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