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Darby Weaver

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Do you please share a basic road map how to put hands in the cloud, NFV and these future technologies. Please consider me a noob. Thanks

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From my perspective - The Cloud all started with Virtual PC, then VMWare - both at the DC.


Next came the Co-location Facilities with F5 Load Balancers and ASA, Juniper, or Palo Alto Firewalls and the occassional SideWinders.


VMWare was taking hold so everything went from P to V - and then people were using the word CLOUD more and more...


From there I picked up the CSS, ACE, A10, and Foundry Load Balancers and the Cisco MDS Family of Storage Area Network Switches...


I didn't have the plan all worked out.


Then the Cisco UCS 5108's and the C1010 Nexus 1010, 1010-S, and 1010-V hit me and I started learning Data Center Network Manager.


Well... DCNM led from version 5.x all the way to 10.x and UCS Director in the middle...


Almost skipped a stint with Dell and AFM - Active Fabric Manager for Microsoft, Cap Gemini and others... lots of others...


The M1000e was big and still is.


The Microsoft Project San Diego aka the Cloud Builder was quite the project...


And that's pretty much how I landed in the Cloud... although to tell the truth - we've been in the Cloud since we started hosting apps and other stuff remotely the whole time in my opinion.


The site gives some tools - I work with languages that are part of the products I've had to touch but I really just create what I need and edit the rest.


I think I'm more or less ahead of the learning curve since the major players seek me out by name and try or do employ me...


I'm still a noob with the stuff.





Darby Weaver

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