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GNS3 2.0 Released! [received the email from GNS team]

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GNS3 2.0 Released!

GNS3 version 2.0 has been released.

This is a major milestone for GNS3 - this version brings a new architecture allowing us to add exciting new features and also gives us a solid foundation for more (including Labs).

Major new features of 2.0 include “save as you go” (thanks to the new architecture), smart packet capture, VPCS/clouds/switches templates, a new "cloud node", a new NAT node and much more. GNS3 now supports a large, and growing list of vendors including Arista vEOS, Cumulus VX, Brocade Virtual ADX, Checkpoint GAiA, A10 vThunder, Alcatel 7750, NetScaler VPX, F5 BIG-IP LTM VE, MikroTik CHR, Juniper vMX and more....

Please see What’s new in GNS3 version 2.0 for a detailed overview.

IMPORTANT NOTE to upgrade from 1.5.x and earlier versions of GNS3

Please do not upgrade if you are working on something important like a certification or something else. Understand there is no rollback possible once you open an older project in version 2.0.


To upgrade please follow this documentation


Windows and Mac OS X

Files for Windows and Mac OS X can be downloaded from here.

Linux installation

Ubuntu/Debian, install from our PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gns3/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gns3-gui

For other Linux distributions, we recommend an installation via Pypi.

pip3 install gns3-gui==2.0

pip3 install gns3-server==2.0

Known bugs and issues
  • A project will be closed if a client closes GNS3 even if two or more clients are connected to that same project.
  • Opening a .gns3 file from Windows explorer will work even when connected to a remote server. This should not be possible and we will add a proper error in a future release.
  • Warning about Qt threads may appear when exporting a GNS3 portable project.



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Perfect Timing!!!


I've just rebuilt and repaired one of my HP XW8600's with 128GB of Ram and upgrading to 32TB of Hard Disk on both Workstations - each supports 16 monitors using the NVidia Video Adapters.


I just found 48Gb of 8GB DIMMS I plan on planting somewhere and pulling a 4 of my Dell 2950 (labeled Google Appliances) out of mothballs - each has 12GB of Ram and 1TB of RAID 5 Storage - not a lot but they are for my front end web services for some of my Data Center stuff - will be soon enough.


I have a Cisco N1K (C1010-S) with 32GB of Ram and 500Gb Mirror that I'm getting ready to upgrade to 32TB and maybe purchase another to match it.


I have a Dell 1950 with 16GB of Ram and my CCIE Collaboration Virtual Servers v9.1 that I'm probably going to go ahead and upgrade to 48GB of Ram and the 500GB Drives to 32TB for hosting other options.


My Drobo is currently equipped with 8 - 3GB WD Drives and I'm going to upgrade it to 64Gb with Raid 5 + 1 Spare and use QTY: 3 16TB Volumes or so with the remainder of the storage. It was officially maxes out with 48TB but only because it was only tested to the 48TB per notations I have located.




Lots of work ahead of me.


I'm taking my laptops to 16GB Ram on 2 of them and 8GB max ram on another with my main laptop having 32GB - each will get a 2TB Hard Disk except for the Precision which will get QTY: 2 2TB Drives.


Needless to say all of these upgrades take a moment to implement.


I just rebuilt a small Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain and plan on using it for management and backwards compatibility with NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 - seems some of my work and files are un-readable today

and I still have need of some things.


I'm going to moth ball a lot of my physical servers after these upgrades are complete and I've moved everything from P to V.


That it...


GNS, Packet Tracer, and UNL/EVE are making a believer out of me...




Darby Weaver

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