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I want to setup small VoIP network (8 users)

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Dear friends,

I want to setup VoIP in my existing network for 8 users. I have requirement of 8 VoIP phones. Please suggest the hardware and software required along with licensing.

My configuration:

I have a Cisco 3750-X 12 port fiber switch that connects two departments (SALES and FINANCE) with fiber. The departments are connected to Cisco 3750-X with Cisco 300 SMB switches and down to PCs. This Cisco 3750-X has also connection to the Cisco 2911 router (with universal image 15.4) for Internet and VPN purpose with one port gigabit port vacant.. I am recently activated trial of UCK9 and want to give a try...but dnt know how to start :(...may be see some CBT or ask someone...i dnt know

SALES PCs---------Cisco 300 SMB-------------------------Fbr---------------------------Cisco 3750-X-----------------Fbr--------------------Cisco 300 SMB---------FINANCE PCs

                                                                                                                                    | Cu

                                                                                                                     Cisco 2911 to Internet

Attachement: My Cisco 2911 config and DIAGRAM

I know its easy for you...plz help.Cisco 2911.txt


Cisco 2911.txt


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Sounds like a request for a paid consultant rather than a request for help with how to learn technology.  

www.cisco.com is loaded with information on how to proceed.  




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