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Metal Cleaner price

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Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner is suitable for immersion or ultrasonic cleaning equipment, light yellow transparent alkaline liquid detergent. Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner is compared with the conventional inorganic degreasing agent, after cleaning the surface of the workpiece does not produce any marks, spots for the characteristics of organic alkaline products. Particularly suitable for polishing, grinding or other difficult to remove the dirt or grease cleaning. Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner cleaning cast iron, copper, alloy and other metals to play a superior performance.
Technical indicators of Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner
Iterm Technical indicators
Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid
Operating temperature 50-80℃
Solution ratio 5%
Cleaning time 3-6min
Free alkalinity(%) 13-15pt
PH 11.5±0.5

1.Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner is suitable for the cleaning of parts after severe dirt.
2.Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner is particularly suitable for ultrasonic cleaning and impregnation cleaning process.
3.Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner at low temperatures can also play an excellent cleaning performance, if the appropriate temperature (60-80) for better cleaning effect.
4.Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner can be cleaned metal processing oil, heat treatment oil, plastic processing oil, grease and other serious pollution of the workpiece.
5.Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner can be used for ultra-light or aluminum and other light metals and alloys, not easy to change color.

1.It is 25L/drum or 200L/drum for Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner
2.We can do If you demand make a label on the package

1.We had do the export for 6 years & about 20 old clients demand Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner.
2.We can supply 500g free sample of Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner for your test.
3.Before our Hydrocarbon aluminum cleaner leave factory we will do the inspection to control quality.
Metal Cleaner price

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