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Manual Lubrication Pump manufacturers

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Ⅰ . Overview
This manual lubricating pump is a small sized  lubricating pump by manually pulling the hand shank to discharge grease which  can be installed on the wall plate or rack of machine. It constitutes manual  terminal type concentrate lubricating system together with dual line grease  feeder.
It applies to the single equipment small sized  device with relatively lower lubricating frequency (generally feeding interval  of more than 8 hours), piping (DN 20) length of no longer than 35m and the  number of lubricating points not exceeding 50 as a unit of grease concentrated  lubricating system to supply and deliver lubricating grease

Ⅱ . Technical parameters
ModelNominal pressure    (MPa)Flow (ml/min)Volume of conservator    (L)Weight (kg)
Use  grease with minimum cone penetration 265(25℃,150g) 1/10mm. Working environment  temperature is 0~40℃.

Ⅲ .  Dimensions
Ⅳ. Descriptions of model
Ⅴ. Operating  methods
When the hand shank of reversal valve is pushed  to the limit position, the main pipeline Ⅰ will supply grease.
Swing the hand shank to move forward and backward  and the pointer of pressure gauge fluctuates, which shows that the grease  feeder is working.
The pressure gauge on the pump indicates that  the pressure value increases stably, which shows that all the working of system  grease feeder is completed.
Operate the hand shank of reversal valve to  reverse so as to make the main pipeline Ⅱ supply  grease, and operate in accordance with section 2 and 3.
Reverse the reversal valve, unload the pipeline  pressure to make preparation for the next cycle and push the hand shank to be  vertical.

Ⅵ. Use instruction
Manual lubricating pump should be installed  vertically. There should be space for indicating rod to rise and for grease  supplementing on the upper and surrounding place of pump. It should be placed  in a protective cover when used outdoor and in severe environment.
Feeding into grease conservator should be done  by a dedicated manual or motor driven grease feeding pump from the grease inlet  of lubricating pump.
The filtering screen at the grease inlet of  pump should be checked and washed regularly.
It is not allowed to operate the hand shank  when there is no grease in the grease conservator. When the grease volume is at  the lower grease level, it is needed to supplement grease in time to avoid  absorbing air.

Ⅶ . Common faults  and troubleshooting
FaultsFailure causeSolutions
Output pressure is    not enough1. Pressure    gauge damage
    2. Air enters the pipe or conservator
    3. One way valve fault
    4. It’s long working hours, excessive wear of plunger1. Replace    the pressure gauge
    2. Open the interface to exhaust
    3. Clean the one way valve and replace    the spring
    4.Replace the plunger
Output pressure is    too much1. Reversing valve is not in place
    2. There’s a pipe blockage
    3. Distributor fault1. Push    or pull the reversing valve in place
    2. Check the pipe
    3. Check the distributorManual Lubrication Pump manufacturers

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