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Tanker Trailers price

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Gas tanker semi trailer we applicated this technology in the earliest , with this techonlogy, we can realise the benefits below:
1. High effiency, high speed, five to ten times than manual welding.
2. High quality and stability, beautiful outlook.
3. Material and electricity saving.
1.Max safety: top security rail to protect operators,anti-explosion manhole cover options to assure the safety;
2.Efficiency:powerful unloading system can achieve unloading upto 1400kgs per minute;
3.Light design:high tensile steel material and advanced design to achieve lower weight with high carrying capacity,reduce operation cost;
4.Surface treatment:(shot blasting+painting)Zinc-rich-primer and polyurethane topcoat as customers’ choices.
5.Options: 25m3-60m3 capacity available,single or double silo,diesel engine or electronic motor power.
Gas tanker semi trailer series
Main Technical DataKT9400GHYKT9401GRYKT9402GFW
Capacity in effect50.4CBM41CBM28CBM
Gross Weight(kg)399503998039500
Tare Weight(kg)10190818010500
Max Payload(kg)297603180029000
Out dimension:L*W*H mm12500*2500*385011000*2500*381010000*2500*3600
Wheel Base(mm)6850+1350+13505600+1310+13105000+1310+1310
Tare Spec11.00-20 12PR
11.00R20 12PR11.00-20 12PR
12R22.5 12PR11.22.5-12PR
11.00R20 12PR
Packaging Details:gas transported tank semi-trailer,Waxed before delivery;Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust ,1coat of anti-corrosive prime,2coats of final paint bulk shipment, roll-roll, flat rack;
Delivery Detail:Shipped in 25 days after payment
We can offer you all risks of insurance possibilities for semi trailers, which will be valid for most countries. Please inform us in time. (two days before shipment in advance)
1. Safety, reliability, stability, no-noise and comfort in operation.
2. High precision manufacturing, easy installation and longer life parts.
3. More economic. As the decrease of the system’s unit fuel consumption
4. More flexible, higher efficiency .The installation of the axle lift, the Tyre wearing shall be greatly lessened when the vehicle not loaded.Tanker Trailers price

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