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2018-8-9 EC-Council 312-50v10 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Folliwing are some new 312-50v10 Real Exam Questions:

Which of the following security policies defines the use of VPN for gaining access to an internal corporate network?

A. Network security policy
B. Information protection policy
C. Access control policy
D. Remote access policy

Answer: D

To determine if a software program properly handles a wide range of invalid input, a form of automated testing can be used to randomly generate invalid input in an attempt to crash the program.
What term is commonly used when referring to this type of testing?

A. Randomizing
B. Bounding
C. Mutating
D. Fuzzing

Answer: D

If you want only to scan fewer ports than the default scan using Nmap tool, which option would you use?

A. -sP
B. -P
C. -r
D. -F

Answer: B

In Risk Management, how is the term “likelihood” related to the concept of “threat?”

A. Likelihood is the likely source of a threat that could exploit a vulnerability.
B. Likelihood is the probability that a threat-source will exploit a vulnerability.
C. Likelihood is a possible threat-source that may exploit a vulnerability.
D. Likelihood is the probability that a vulnerability is a threat-source.

Answer: B

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Sniffers operate on Layer 2 of the OSI model
B. Sniffers operate on Layer 3 of the OSI model
C. Sniffers operate on both Layer 2 & Layer 3 of the OSI model.
D. Sniffers operate on the Layer 1 of the OSI model.

Answer: A

What is the least important information when you analyze a public IP address in a security alert?

B. Whois
D. Geolocation

Answer: A

You are the Network Admin, and you get a compliant that some of the websites are no longer accessible. You try to ping the servers and find them to be reachable. Then you type the IP address and then you try on the browser, and find it to be accessible. But they are not accessible when you try using the URL.
What may be the problem?

A. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 53
B. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 80
C. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 54
D. Traffic is Blocked on UDP Port 80

Answer: A

Internet Protocol Security IPSec is actually a suite of protocols. Each protocol within the suite provides different functionality. Collective IPSec does everything except.

A. Work at the Data Link Layer
B. Protect the payload and the headers
C. Encrypt
D. Authenticate

Answer: A

On performing a risk assessment, you need to determine the potential impacts when some of the critical business process of the company interrupt its service. What is the name of the process by which you can determine those critical business?

A. Risk Mitigation
B. Emergency Plan Response (EPR)
C. Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
D. Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Answer: D

Assume a business-crucial web-site of some company that is used to sell handsets to the customers worldwide. All the developed components are reviewed by the security team on a monthly basis. In order to drive business further, the web-site developers decided to add some 3rd party marketing tools on it. The tools are written in JavaScript and can track the customer’s activity on the site. These tools are located on the servers of the marketing company.
What is the main security risk associated with this scenario?

A. External script contents could be maliciously modified without the security team knowledge
B. External scripts have direct access to the company servers and can steal the data from there
C. There is no risk at all as the marketing services are trustworthy
D. External scripts increase the outbound company data traffic which leads greater financial losses

Answer: A

What type of analysis is performed when an attacker has partial knowledge of inner-workings of the application?

A. Black-box
B. Announced
C. White-box
D. Grey-box

Answer: D

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