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rubber timing belt factory

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Tooth-shape figure for automobile synchronous

Cross section profile and measurement of the belt
MY8.005.213.06 0.632.20    
MR9.5255.693.54 0.762.52    
ZD9.5255.53.500.6860.762.45  3.271.05
YF8.0005.23.040.6860.642.11  2.840.93
S8M80. 5.2   
ZAS9.5254.32.32 0.51 4.6540  
RU9.5255.43.410.6862.41 5838' 30"  
As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various belts in China, Hutian now brings you the high-quality za my mr timing belt with high flexibility, strong friction resistance, etc from our own factory. Welcome to buy and wholesale our low price products.rubber timing belt factory

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