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300-360 exam dumps are useful and helpful. And my best aid during the exam training was 300-360 pdf. It is a real guarantee of the successful exam passing. These are the following questions which i attempt in real exam.
Q: - An engineer is concerned with the compliance guidelines for human exposure to a rooftop RF transmitter that has been recently installed. What regulation should be reviewed to ensure proper certification?
A. OSHA 1910.97
B. FCC QET Bulletin 65
C. NFPS Article 810
D. SCEE Section 28.1
Answer: B
Q: - A Cisco 7925 phone at a client's location is not registering with CUCM. The engineer analyzes a packet capture, sees that the phone receives an IP, and downloads the proper configuration file from TFTP successfully. What type of messages should the phone be sending at this point?
A. H.245
B. H.323
Answer: D
Q: -  What is a common cause for signal attenuation?
A. Cinder block wall
B. Office window
C. Metal door
D. Glass wall
Answer: C
Q: -  Which description of the ideal VoWLAN design is true?
A. smaller cells with all data rates enabled to ensure that all clients can associate
B. larger cells with higher data rates enabled and WPA2 to secure voice conversations
C. smaller cells with higher data rates enabled and admission control enabled through WMM
D. smaller cells with higher data rates enabled and no overlap to prevent co-channel interference
Answer: C

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