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About My M.c.s.e Experience

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Thanks a lot for the info Bil. Well, I'm doing almost the same things which you have done. My path to MCSE has been slow, but nevertheless, I'll achieve it. I'm just an MCSA for now. I've collected information from different sources for the same topics. This helps in weeding out confusions and misconceptions. I didn't collect any CBTs as my limited bandwidth doesn't permit me to do. Things which I've used for studying.


MS Press books

Lot of different sources from the internet. The microsoft forums are of great help. This forum too!! ;)

VMWare. Nothing substitutes practice and hands-on experience.



Since there is LOTS to learn, I try to do it. I cannot claim that I know everything. I'm poor in few concepts and I'm brushing up on that, though I've finished the exam.


More papers to finish for me. Here I go.........


All the best for other aspirants :)

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Some things, you will never learn by reading untill you find a job and meet those real time scenarios. So experiences will teach you those. Be patient and do your best.

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